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Our Patient Testimonials:

“Dr. Abbas did a cosmetic procedure for me a while back. I was nervous, but he was patient with me and took the time to explain everything, step by step. After my procedure, he followed up with me numerous times. I am very pleased with the results. His gentle, skilled touch gave me back my self confidence. HUGE RECOMMENDATION for Dr. Abbas!”

“Dr.K is the nicest doctor I’ve ever been seen by. I can’t say it enough but he really is. Not only is he super nice and friendly but his knowledge and education of ENT is off the charts. The man is a true asset to his profession and to Floyd county! Every assistant that I have talked with and dealt with in his office are exactly the same as him! Friendly and very thorough to make sure you understand everything before you leave the office! Again my overall rating of this is a five but only because it didn’t allow me to give a higher rating. I couldn’t be more pleased with my visit!”

“Dr. Ingram is an amazing ENT. I don’t have enough words to describe how incredible she is. She’s very caring and knowledgeable about all things related to her scope of practice. She has a great bed-side manner and is a great listener! She has helped with my monthly sinus infections by getting to the bottom of why I had them so frequently and took care of the problem. I went from having to take antibiotics every 3-4 weeks to less than yearly for sinus infections. If you need an ENT, do yourself a favor and go see her.”

“Dr. Allison is great!! I never feel rushed at my appointment. He is a great listener!! He realizes I am on a fixed income and takes that into consideration when prescribing me medications. His nurse is really sweet and returns my calls in a timely manner. I started with this doctor 2 years ago and never left dissatisfied. Dr. Allison and his nurse make me feel like family.”

“Dr. Carter is THE BEST! I have balance issues with dizziness and light headedness. The first time I saw him, 3 yrs. ago, he knew exactly what was wrong and fixed it immediately! Wouldn’t see another, nor recommend, any other doctor! Also, his intern, Kathleen, is awesome!”

“Called in for an appt and the lady that I spoke with was just so nice and comforting then when I came to the office the ladies in the office were so polite and professional!!! I was called back to see Dr. Hay in a short period of time and she examined my ear and explained everything and what I needed to do ! I could not say enough on how I was treated and how they got me in and out quickly! Thank you”

“I’ve known Dr. Hodge for over 7 years. I enjoy my visits with him. I had cancer, he found it, and saved my life. I don’t need to go back, but I do every year. Thank you Dr. Hodge!”

“Dr. Yantis is a life saver! He’s both professional and courteous and I wouldn’t know what do without him. I see him once a year and I probably will until he retires! But don’t get any ideas about retiring anytime soon Dr. Yantis….I’m gonna need ya!”

“Dr. Gerace is wonderful. She listens to the patient and spends time to get to the root of the problem. I would highly recommend her.”

“Went to see Dr. Kakarlapudi about a sinus issue. During his exam he noticed what he suspected was cancer on my tonsil. Turns out it is. I had no symptoms. He caught it barely in stage two. We start cancer treatment Monday. His attention to detail will probably save my life.”

“What a great staff. My family Doctor recommended Advanced ENT and Allergy. I chose the location on Angie’s way in Louisville, Since I live in Cincinnati Ohio. I am so happy with my decision. The staff was phenomenal very patient, explained what they’re doing along the way. I really felt I was the most important patient of the day. Five stars all the way for Dr. Gould and his staff.”

“Dr. Aaron Smith and the assistant that day were absolutely amazing with our 3 day old son! Our son was tongue tied and having trouble nursing. Him and his assistant were very caring and kind to our situation considering we were just discharged from the hospital with our newborn. It was a simple quick procedure but for us first time parents, it was tough. They made us feel very comfortable and even let us stay in the room to nurse our son after the procedure (it was at the end of the day). Everyone was very caring, kind and compassionate. Highly recommend!!!”

“Dr. Shotts changed my life. I have never breathed and smelled so clearly. I feel like he truly wants to help and make a difference for his patients. He always has my back; and my ears, nose, and throat.”

“Dr. Neumann takes his time with you and makes sure all your questions are answered. I never feel rushed and when I leave I know I got the best care. I would not go anywhere else.”

“I’ve been dealing with benign thyroid goiters for twenty-two years. Dr. Forwith is the first doctor with a treatment that was, for me, the only real option. I’m feeling better and have more energy. My results are better than expected. Dr. Forwith is also a great teacher. He explains everything clearly. I’m so glad I crossed his path.”

“Nicole has worked with me for months to get my thyroid regulated! She finally found the right dosage and I’m doing great. The staff is wonderful.”