Are nasal polyps getting you down?

The prevalence of nasal polyps among the general population ranges from one percent to four percent, with approximately 200,000 new symptomatic cases of nasal polyps reported every year in the United States. An estimated 25 to 30 percent of the 20 to 32 million U.S. patients with Chronic Rhinosinusitis (CRS) have symptomatic nasal polyps.

Did you know that the incidence rate of nasal polyps increases from the age of 30 and is more common among men than women. Each year, 500,000 people in the United States undergo sinus surgery, with many of these surgeries performed on patients with nasal polyps.

So what are nasal polyps? Nasal polyps are inflammatory growths along the lining of the nasal passages that can occur in patients suffering from chronic sinusitis. The symptoms of chronic sinusitis include nasal discharge, congestion, facial pain, and a loss of sense of smell. Many people return to their ENT specialist with recurring polyps even after undergoing previous ethmoid sinus surgery.

We can offer you several new options for this condition.

Advanced ENT and Allergy is among one of the first to offer the SINUVA™ Sinus Implant, a new In-Office Treatment Option for recurring nasal polyps. This new technology recently approved by the FDA is among the first in the United States to offer a new treatment in nasal polyps in adults who have had previous ethmoid sinus surgery (ESS) and offers a sustained relief for managing this chronic condition.

SINUVA Sinus Implant is placed during a routine physician office visit. SINUVA expands in the sinus cavity, delivering a steroid directly to the sinus for up to 90 days. SINUVA softens over time and can be removed at 90 days or earlier at the physician’s discretion.

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We can also offer you additional cutting edge treatments here at Advanced ENT and Allergy. We try to offer our patients every available option for their treatment. If you are between the ages 18 -75 years of age and have bilateral nasal polyps we invite you to see if you may qualify to take part in either of our new clinical research study for nasal polyps.

To find out more about our research trials, please contact contact our Research Center at 502-893-0159 x1184 or 1185 for more information.

About the author : Advanced ENT & Allergy

About the author : Advanced ENT & Allergy