Investigational Nasal Spray Therapy for Loss of Smell Due to Viral Infections

Do you want your smell back?

There are various reasons one may lose their sense of smell, also known as Hyposmia. With a diminished sense of smell, everything from your morning coffee to your favorite dinner can seem bland and boring.

The Advanced ENT & Allergy Clinical Research team is working with Cyrano Therapeutics on a smell loss study. This new study is enrolling people who have had a reduced sense of smell for at least six months due to Covid or other viral infections.

Losing your sense of smell can be serious. 

Loss of smell can:

  • Make it challenging to detect spoiled food, gas leaks, or smoke
  • Negatively impact the daily quality of life and leave you feeling isolated
  • Reduce the level of flavor you can detect, often making food unappetizing or unappealing
  • Affect millions of Americans and has increased significantly since the pandemic

Not so fun fact: for many people who had Covid, it can take up to two years for their sense of smell to return to normal.

This 29-week study will monitor a new investigational nasal spray therapy for people dealing with long-term smell and flavor loss.

Are you a good candidate for this study?

  • Are you between the ages of 18 and 65 and have had a loss of smell for more than six months?
  • Do you have a clinical diagnosis of hyposmia for 6 months or more and less than 2 years?
  • Did your loss of smell start around the same time as Covid or another viral infection?
  • Are you frustrated by not being able to smell your favorite scents?
  • Do you worry that your diminished sense of smell could put you at risk?

This study will help to advance research and potentially contribute to developing a new investigational nasal spray therapy that may improve the lives of people suffering from a loss of smell.

Participants in this study will be expected to self-administer CYR-064 (a nasal spray drug) twice a day for 24 weeks. The active ingredient, theophylline, is a natural chemical that is derived from two plants and is commonly used in the treatment of asthma and COPD. The participant will be given one of three sprays (one being a placebo), and results will be analyzed at the final week follow-up appointment. Participants’ data will help contribute to a future submission to the regulatory authorities who will decide whether CYR-064 should be made available to patients suffering from post-viral hyposmia. Each qualifying participant will receive monetary compensation.

Contact our research team at to determine if you qualify for this study and discuss this procedure in more detail. Ask any and all questions! Our clinical research team is here for you so you can best prepare yourself to make an informed decision.

Learn more at or read the full brochure.

About the author : Advanced ENT

About the author : Advanced ENT