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Here are the instructions:

  • The videos should be less than 5 minues and can be filmed on your smart phone- professional camera is not nessesary.
  • The video can be taken “selfie-style” or filmed of you by someone else.
  • Please try to make this as conversational as possible, just as if you were telling a close friend about your experience.
  • Please try to film in a quiet place and limit background noise.
  • If you need guiding questions, please see below:
    1. State your name, and who you are a patient of.
    2. How long have you been a patient at Advanced ENT and Allergy?
    3. What brought you to Advanced ENT and Allergy?
    4. What was your diagnosis?
    5. Can you describe the overall experience coming to Advanced ENT and Allergy and receiving treatment?
    6. Describe your quality of life before having treatment? 
    7. What were your expectations around this treatment/procedure?
    8. How was recovery immediately following the treatment/procedure?
    9. What is your life like after having this procedure?
    10. What would you say to someone considering this procedure?

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