New Procedure to Revolutionize Pediatric Ear Surgery with the AventaMed Solo+ Tympanostomy Tube Device (TTD)

Otitis Media

The ENT surgical tympanostomy procedure is the most frequently performed surgical procedure on children. Otitis Media, commonly known as ear infections, affects children from 6 months to 13 years old and is often treated through a regimen of antibiotics. When antibiotics are not effective, patients are then considered for ear tube placement to help with drainage of fluid out of the middle ear and resolve inflammation/infection.

Ear Tubes

Traditional ear tube placement procedures have been known to take up to an hour–including general anesthesia, surgical procedure, and recovery.

The Solo+ TTD allows patients to undergo tube surgery in a different way in less time!

  • In-office procedure (no operating room)
  • Topical anesthesia (no fasting or foggy recovery time)
  • All in one insertion process
  • Return to normal activities on the same day

More about the Solo+ TTD Device

Solo+ TTD with callouts

The Solo+ TTD is intended to help in the treatment of otitis media (fluid in the middle ear) and to prevent consequent hearing loss in an in-office and outpatient setting under topical anesthesia with a quick 1-step approach. It is a handheld device, with the ventilation tympanostomy tube pre-loaded at the tip. The otologist specialist uses the device to safely place the tube into the patient’s ear with just one click of the button.

The Solo+ TTD is designed to make tube insertion easier by combining all the instruments required for the procedure into one device.

Participate in this study

Does your little one suffer from ear infections and in need of ear tubes?

By participating in this study, there is no additional charge to you, and you will receive gift cards to cover the cost of your follow-up visits.

Your follow-up appointments will consist of 5 visits over a 24-month period. These follow-up visits are similar to the routine visits that occur after standard tube placement.

Contact our research team at to determine if you qualify for this study and discuss this procedure in more detail. Ask any and all questions! Our clinical research team is here for you so you can best prepare yourself to make an informed decision.

Say YES to a new choice in ear tube placement.

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Caution: Investigational Device, Limited by Federal (or United States) Law to Investigational Use.

About the author : Advanced ENT

About the author : Advanced ENT