Advanced ENT & Allergy is now offering in-office ear tube procedures without general anesthesia using the Tula® System. We are currently the only practice in our area to offer this innovative treatment. 

The innovative Tula System gives parents an option for in-office placement of ear tubes using a child-friendly system to numb the eardrum while the child can play or watch videos. Throughout the procedure, parents may stay with their child. The Tula system has been shown to be safe and effective in clinical studies, and 95% of parents in the most recent study were satisfied with the procedure. Doctors were able to successfully insert tubes in 87% of the children, and most children can return to normal activity immediately after the procedure.

Below is an interview with the mother of one of our patients, who graciously wanted to share her experience with anyone interested.

What brought you to Advanced ENT and Allergy?

We first came to Advanced ENT because he was having frequent ear infections. It would take multiple doses of antibiotics to knock out each one. And then he’d turn around and get another one shortly thereafter. So, it was a constant issue. 

What course of treatment did you decide on?

Dr. Gould recommended the Tula in-office procedure. We jumped on it because our older son had the standard procedure in the hospital, and while it had been pretty easy, just the thought of not having to go through checking in the hospital, and putting him under. Not having to deal with all of that just sounded fantastic. 

Tell us about your experience with the Tula Tubes procedure- what was it like?

So we brought him in for the Tula in-office procedure, he was able to eat and do everything normal that day, and stay on his normal schedule, which was fantastic. And we came in, in the afternoon, after his naptime, and I was able to stay in the room with him the entire time, and see the entire procedure. It was so simple, so fast. It was great for him, he didn’t have any issues from it afterwards, he was able to bounce right back and continue on with his day. We didn’t have to change anything in our day, other than the short 30 minutes that we were in the office.

How are his ears now?

Since then, his ears have been so much better. And overall, it was a very easy, simple procedure. 

What would you say to parents considering Tula Tubes for their child?

For parents considering this, I would say that it is so easy, so simple. It’s less scary, because you’re taking out the risk of anesthesia. And it just gives you such a peace of mind to know that they’re going to come into the office, you’re going to be with them. They don’t have to go under. And you can tell your child is calmer, just based on our experience of having done it in the hospital and done it here. They’re able to stay on their regular schedule. They’re ready to bounce right back afterwards. And there’s no residual effects throughout the day. I would highly recommend it.


Thank you, Jessica! We appreciate you taking the time to talk with us and share your experience!

About the author : Advanced ENT & Allergy

About the author : Advanced ENT & Allergy